ACS meet more millennials

ACS meet more millennials

With the success of 23 INFLUENCERS, ACS (Associated Christian Schools) are seeking new nominations for another instalment, promoting alumni achievements of Christian schools.

We are seeking nominations to recognise our alumni who are beginning to make a mark in their chosen field or profession. Whether it is in academics, trades, creative arts, sport, Christian Ministry or service to the community, we are searching for Redlands College Alumni who are Millennials and are influencing society for the common good. We invite you to nominate Alumni by filling out the nomination form below and submitting it to Redlands College.

Criteria for Nominations

  • Fit the broad definition of a millennial (born 1980-2000, taken around four years after matriculating to complete their degree/apprenticeship/training, and taken a minimum of five years to establish their career).
  • Have made a significant positive impact in their career.
  • Are living a lifestyle in sympathy with the Christian ethos of their school and Associated Christian Schools.

Nominations form

You can read more about ACS and their work promoting Christian education in Australia and around the world here.

How to nominate an Alumni

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