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The Creative Arts program aims to provide every student and staff member the opportunity to express who they are and what they believe. The arts are about looking beyond the self, by listening, feeling, sensing and moving, but most importantly reacting – reacting to the ever-changing culture of the world around us.

In unique ways, the College’s offerings in Music, Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Media Art, Film, Television and New Media are designed and inspired to create cultural meaning and ultimate purpose from the reflection of our God. These offerings collectively provide our students opportunities to express their faith, joy, hope, and exploration of how they have a sense of place and belonging in God’s kingdom.


Fusion is a combination of all Redlands College arts enterprises across all age groups culminating in a small community arts festival. In a family-friendly environment, it successfully provides a celebration of the creative arts where students have an opportunity to express themselves through performance, art installation and time-based media.

"I tried to come up with something profound, but the classic arts cliché really does apply - FUSION works on a number of levels. It’s more than an opportunity to showcase the arts at Redlands, it’s more than a group of food vendors coming together, it’s more than an opportunity to break down the silos that continue to build at the college and it’s certainly far more than what a fete can put on as a community event. AND it is many more that we can’t necessarily put into words. It is a small arts festival and it is a great way for students to get on stage and feel part of the arts community.
FUSION has certainly grown over the past five years, not in size but in stature in our community. How do we keep FUSION’S integrity? We must continue to aim to showcase the best of what we have, but also provide opportunities for students to get out there, to help build their confidence. It also comes with a balancing act; we must continue to look for the best and we must continue to break down silos. It’s a family-friendly space, that has a casual atmosphere and now has the reputation where students and parents can’t wait for the next one.
Every year I ask ‘Do we do it again?’, and I get the resounding YES. FUSION must stay fresh and fun and exciting. As soon as it becomes a burden…it’s time for something else."

Mr Andrew Peachey

2023 Into the Woods Jr

2022 Alice in Wonderland

2021 The Little Mermaid


Musicals and Plays

The college’s Musical, through music, dance and speech allows for intellectual, imaginative and emotional expression. Participating in the musical promotes craftsmanship and discipline. that can be applied to all areas of study. Students who participate in the Musical build imagination and intellectual curiosity, learn a valuable lesson in discipline, are prepared for the 21st-century workforce

The Play unites middle and senior school students through active involvement in all aspects of play building: sound and lighting management to acting skills. This unique learning opportunity promotes an empathetic understanding and appreciation of others and communities. Teamwork and creative thinking are at the forefront of this project, which contributes to equipping students with highly transferable skills that encourage them to imagine future perspectives and possibilities.

Previous musicals include:

2005 Oklahoma

2007 West Side Story

2009 Les Miserables

2011 Oliver

2014 Beauty and the Beast

2015 The Secret Garden

2017 The Sound of Music

2019 My Fair Lady

2021 The Little Mermaid

2023 Into the Woods Jr.

Previous plays include:

2012 The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

2014 Alice in Wonderland

2014 A Midsummer Twelfth Night’s MacHamming of the Shrewlet About Nothing Mucheo (Pyrymus and Thisbe Rules, Okay)

2016 The Wind in the Willows

2018 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2020 Wendy & Peter

2022 Alice in Wonderland


Theatresports is a dynamic fusion of improvised performance and competitive sport. In this spontaneous style of drama students are required to form teams of 4-6, entitle their team, learn a series of games and compete against rival teams by creating impromptu stories to unknown, MC given titles.

Every year, more than 100 teams from various schools across Brisbane and the Gold Coast compete in numerous knock-out style rounds until a winning team is chosen. Redlands College has a history of success throughout these competitions with one team performing at the Powerhouse Theatre in the city and finishing in the top 3.

New places are available at the start of every year with auditions being held after school during term one. All are welcome to come along to our friendly and supportive audition workshops and give it a go.

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