Redlands College Counsellors work closely with other staff to provide support for students across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.  Students are able to request an appointment with a Counsellor or may be referred at the suggestion of a teacher, parent or friend.

The Counsellors are able to work alongside students to help them overcome things such as anxiety, depression, self-image matters, anger management, family or relationship issues and much more. The Counsellor will listen without judgement and will always support and encourage students to make well-informed decisions that are in line with our Christian ethos.

If students need further professional help beyond counselling we are able to refer as deemed necessary.  Referrals may be to outside agencies or to a child psychologist who visits the College a couple of times each term.

If your child has friendship or bullying issues the first point of contact should be your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher or relevant Dean of Year.

Discussions with the Counsellor remain confidential unless the student gives permission for something to be discussed with a parent or others.  In the event a student is a danger to themselves or others, the Counsellor will firstly give the student a chance to speak with their parent or guardian and will advise them prior to contacting parents.  The Counsellor is legally and morally obliged to report harm or suspected harm to the appropriate authorities.

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