The Redlands College Tuckshop is located at the entrance of College Heart, next to the new Revive Cafe.

At Redlands College, we use online ordering for our tuckshop, using:

My Monitor system

Junior School parents can order online from the Junior Canteen – no more paper bags and finding change! Junior School ordering is via online orders only.

Middle and Senior School students and parents can skip the queues and pre-order online from the main Canteen.

Middle and Senior School students purchasing on campus, can load cash onto their student card to pay, which means a shorter queue with one-swipe orders and no risk of losing cash or EFTPOS cards!
You can set minimum balances for an auto top-up, set notification of low account balance and set maximum limits for spending. Parents and students will also be able to use online reporting to view all purchases and account activity.

School purchases have never been easier or more convenient!

Tuckshop Online Ordering Instructions

Tuckshop Cashless Top-up Instructions

Tuckshop Menu, Term 1 2024
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