Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Our philosophy of Teaching & Learning is grounded in the College’s Foundation Stones. These foundational concepts articulate the College’s mission to form and educate students and to be a Christ-centred learning community that inspires Curious Minds, Loving Hearts and Serving Hands, leading to Purposeful Lives.

What we Believe
    • We believe that everyone can learn.
  • We believe learning is characterised by joy, delight, curiosity, creativity and imagination.
  • We believe learning is a lifelong process of discovering one’s uniqueness, capacity and potential.
  • We believe learning occurs best in community, facilitated by intentional relationships with fellow students, teachers, parents and community partners, that challenge each person to strive for excellence
  • We believe learning is a process of continual transformation into the fullness of our reflection of God’s image, to enable participation in God’s redemptive work in the world, for the flourishing of all humanity.
  • We believe the pursuit of learning is not solely premised on developing competency of knowledge, but engagement with the broader perspective of developing an appreciation of the expressiveness of literature, the logic of mathematics, the inquiring nature of science, the social awareness of humanities, the joy of music, the beauty of the arts, the energy of sport and the creativity of technologies.


Our Teaching

We commit to ensuring our pedagogical practices equip students to learn how to learn, by developing effective ways of knowing, ways of thinking and ways of engaging, to be positive contributors to the common good in an uncertain future

  • Christ-centred: We acknowledge the centrality of Christ and encompassing nature of God’s truth in all learning
  • Global: We invite students to form global connections, and develop a perspective of an active global citizen
  • Intentional: We develop age and stage appropriate, integrated, sequential curriculum and frameworks for learning
  • Relational: We foster belonging, connectedness and relationships as we form both heart and mind
  • Challenging: We challenge students to embrace a growth mindset in the safety of a supportive environment
  • Research Based: We seek best practice, informed by research, collaboration and educational innovations
  • Innovative: We deliver dynamic, exploratory, engaging and relatable learning experiences
  • Purposeful: We encourage students to be active contributors to society for the flourishing of all humanity
  • High Expectations: We expect all students to pursue their best outcome utilising their full suite of talent


Our Teachers

We recognise the quality of teachers’ pedagogical practice and their capacity for life-long learning, has a direct and significant impact on student learning experiences and outcomes. Teachers are learning experience designers who:

  • Have a transformative Christian faith which provides the purpose and context for their vocation as educators
  • Have a passion to teach, relationally engage with students and invite them to strive for excellence
  • Inspire students to wonder and to love truth, beauty and goodness
  • Are professional educators, informed by research and experience, dedicated to continual improvement


Our Student Learning

We commit to ensuring students have an opportunity to engage spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically,  emotionally and ethically with an holistic approach to learning.

  • Is demonstrated across a range of mediums that are relevant and authentic
  • Provides opportunities to develop knowledge, form character and embed social skills for future success
  • Is reflective of the current range of technologies


Our Students

We acknowledge the importance of students actively engaging in the learning process, as a pre-requisite to learning.

  • Regularly attend class, with the necessary tools for learning, prepared to actively engage and contribute
  • Embrace respect, discipline and values based character to ensure learning is productive for each student


Our Learning Environment

We recognise that the learning environment can powerfully influence engagement levels and learning outcomes.

  • Is safe, inviting, engaging, positive, respectful and designed to inspire a curiosity for learning
  • Is flexible, allowing for individual and collaborative activity, experimentation and consolidation
  • Hospitality is an integrating device and an expression of care and compassion for all community members