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Thank you for considering Redlands College for your child’s education.

The future is an ever-changing landscape. Acquiring skills in problem-solving, communication, leadership and collaboration are what today’s learners must achieve to be capable and confident citizens beyond school.

A Redlands College graduate will be recognised for all of the above and more. They will develop a commitment to life-long learning through inspiring and committed teachers. They will learn resilience, grit and teamwork through challenging outdoor education programs and tough sporting competitions. They will discover their creativity and curiosity in subjects that awaken their potential. They will see why others less fortunate deserve their compassion and service. They will also know joy and gratitude through friendships, community and a shared celebration of Jesus Christ.

To find out more about the opportunities open to your child, or to arrange a tour of Redlands College contact our Enrolments Office on 07 3286 0222.

Upon receiving an Application (together with the non-refundable $110 per student application fee), your child will be placed on the waiting list. All applicants for the main points of entry will have the opportunity to be interviewed.

For vacancies in other year levels, please contact the Enrolments office.

“The quality of education and the all-rounded education that the students receive is well above average. The well-being and pastoral care for students at the College is outstanding.”

Parent from 2020 Survey
The main points of entry to Redlands College in 2020

Our main points of entry to Redlands College in 2021 are:

JUNIOR SCHOOL – Prep and Year 4
Prep and Year 4 Applicants will be contacted to attend a family interview with their child 12 months ahead of time.

Families seeking entry to Year 7 will be invited to attend a family interview approximately 2 years prior to entry.

SENIOR SCHOOL – Year 10, Year 11

Year of Birth Prep
(5 this year)
Year 4
(9 this year)
Year 7
(12 this year)
Year 10
(15 this year)
1 July 05 - 30 June 062021
1 July 06 - 30 June 072022
1 July 07 - 30 June 082023
1 July 08 - 30 June 09
1 July 9 - 30 June 1020222025
1 July 10 - 30 June 11
1 July 11- 30 June 12
1 July 12 - 30 June 13
1 July 13 - 30 June 14
1 July 14 - 30 June 15
1 July 15 - 30 June 16
1 July 16 - 30 June 17
1 July 17 - 30 June 18
1 July 18 - 30 June 19
1 July 19 - 30 June 20
1 July 20 - 30 June 212026203020332036
1 July 21 - 30 June 222027203120342037

For vacancies in other year levels, please contact the Enrolments office. 

Why a Year 4 Intake?

This structure will ensure College staff have greater opportunities to support students in customised learning, as well as practical outcomes such as wearing the Junior School uniform for two years rather than one, and allowing students entering at Year 4 to be eligible for leadership roles in Year 5.

Vacancies in 2021

Interviewing Year 4, 2021 – Apply Now.
Year 10, 11 and 12, 2021 – Enquire about our pathways
Limited vacancies in other year levels – Enquire now.

Interviews in 2021
Prep Entry Information

The main point of entry to the Junior School is the Prep Year. Children attend Prep on a full-time basis. Prep is for children who turn 5 years of age before June during their Prep year. The Prep program commences at 8:30 am and concludes at 3:00 pm.

When can my child start Prep and Year 1?
Your child will need to turn 5 by 30 June in the year they start Prep.

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