Christian Formation

At Redlands College, we believe that the students of this College are not just members of a student body but an important part of the community.  We have the responsibility to help them grow in their knowledge of Christ and His will for their lives and to become fruitful members of their community.

The spiritual activities, experiences, and events planned for the students at Redlands College promote the following goals.

We want to encourage students to:
  • love, worship, and serve Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.
  • share their love of Christ with others.
  • search for ways to serve others.
  • be responsible, respectful members of their families.
  • develop solid, moral decision-making skills.
  • be responsible for their actions.
  • acknowledge God’s direction and instruction while maturing emotionally and socially.
Areas of Emphasis: With the goal of ministering to the entire student, spiritual activities of the college fall into at least one of the following categories:
  1. Food (Bible Study, Devotions, etc.)
  2. Rest (Fellowship activities)
  3. Exercise (Ministry opportunities)
    • Outreach
    • Service
    • Teaching
    • Leadership Development
  • Devotions
  • Chapel
  • Prayer Groups
  • Bible Study Groups/Classes
  • Rizn
  • Service As Mission
  • Mission Trips
  • Worship Services
  • Service Projects
  • Christian Living
Responses to the Gospel:

Redlands College is not a church.  It is not a denomination. It is however staffed by men and women who have committed their hearts and lives to God.  Many discussions may occur on our campus that revolve around responding to God’s invitation to an abundant and eternal life.  It is not our intention to convert anyone to a denomination or particular brand of Christianity. It is our intention to introduce everyone to the person of Jesus. Students, parents, and guardians looking for answers to spiritual issues can contact us for more insight. The issue is not whether or not every worker at the College can come up with answers to every dilemma, rather the issue is that we all know Someone who has all the answers to every dilemma… namely Christ.