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Sport plays a significant role in the holistic formation of students at Redlands College.

Through participation in the competitive and recreational sports offered, students will advance their sport-specific skills, enhance their individual fitness, improve their personal wellbeing and develop an increased sense of belonging.  Active engagement with teachers, specialist coaches and peers in class, at training and at competitions will also contribute to the development of transferable life skills such as goal setting, discipline, resilience, and how to cooperate as a team member.  Sport at Redland’s College is about pursuing sporting success and individual excellence equally.

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Students are allocated to one of four houses at their point of enrolment and continue through their remaining College years. Siblings are allocated to the same house.


The houses are named after the first Europeans to enter the Redlands District. They were timber cutters and demonstrated true pioneering qualities as they entered an unknown district without the support of civilised infrastructure. We can aspire to these qualities of resourcefulness, courage, perseverance and enterprise.

College Mascot – Muddie

In addition, the College has a well-loved mascot – Muddie, the giant mud crab. Muddie makes appearances to support students at home and when Redlands College student teams are away.

Our aim is to create better people first and foremost. Our coaches mentor and nurture our athletes to develop their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive capabilities. Better athletes create better people.

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