At Redlands College we are deliberate about Pastoral Care. The Directors of Years for each sub-school are passionate about emotionally and spiritually supporting our students.  This is done through creating a balance of caring for the individual, alongside clear boundaries and guidelines.  The Directors of Years also coordinate Pastoral Care programs to enhance personal growth and resilience.

Other staff working with the Directors of Years have separate year level responsibilities.  The Deans of Year place an emphasis on building stronger relationships with students in their year level.  They also proactively work to promote a school culture that emphasises respect, teamwork and belonging.

The Redlands College Character Development Framework assists in establishing high expectations with regard to student behaviour while providing high levels of support for all students in achieving these standards.  The overarching principles are built on restoration and discipleship for each individual.  This framework supports all staff to effectively meet the personal, social and academic needs of students.


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