Redlands College places a high priority on Student Wellbeing, with staff providing an environment of care and support for our students.  As a Christian school, everything we do is faith-based as we aim to assist our families by providing spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The College has established a team of staff who connect with and mentor students across each year level.  Deans of Year and Directors across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools work closely with students to provide a nurturing and compassionate place for students to be themselves, whilst learning and growing.

A variety of formal and informal programs have been established to meet the needs of each individual child to intentionally help them realise their strengths and apply God’s word to their daily life.  Students meet daily in groups, either within year levels or in a small pastoral care group which fosters bonds across multiple year levels.  Two Counsellors are available for confidential support and guidance for students, whilst our Chaplains oversee programs and groups throughout the school that promote Christian Living.

Additional teams working together as part of Student Wellbeing include Learning Enrichment, Career Pathways, Behaviour Management and First Aid.  The Wellbeing Team meet weekly to continually ensure we are providing the best possible care and support to each student.

RoleWellbeing Staff
Director of Formation & WellbeingMike Shepherd
Wellbeing OfficerJo Woodward
Support DogHero
Junior School ChaplainKathryn Kerridge
Chaplaincy2023 Spiritual Life Captains
RTC CoordinatorSteve Lowther
Dean of EnrichmentMichelle Burns
Enrichment TeachersJolene Thomas, Annette Litzow
Pathways & CareersMargaret Smith
CounsellorsClare Carmona, Steve Hopper, & Lisa Lenton
First AidRos Iselin