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Experience our difference at Redlands College.

The Redlands College tour is an ideal opportunity to wander through the College, ask questions, view our state of the art facilities and observe our staff and students.

This Christ-centred Excellence permeates everything we do, and how we view our students. We believe every child has God given talents and abilities that make them unique. We provide continuity of experience as a student moves through the educational levels (Junior, Middle, Senior School). The academic progression brings with it the individual themes of the schools:

Junior SchoolFinding God-given abilities


Middle School Exploring God-given abilities


Senior SchoolGrowing God-given abilities


As our students move through the schools our objective is to engage the students in identifying their unique talents and gifts and to strive to work to the best of their ability.

If you would like any further information about Redlands College please do not hesitate to contact the Enrolments Office.

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