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 Prep at Redlands College

Students enrolled in Prep at Redlands College benefit from early learning specialist teachers and a dedicated teacher aide per classroom. Our focus is on the basics of literacy and numeracy with an introduction to humanities, science and technology. Students have dedicated daily devotions in class as well as weekly Christian Studies. Prep students have weekly specialist lessons in Music, PE and Spanish. They also participate in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) to help evolve their basic coordination, balance and concentration skills. Prep students benefit from our extensive facilities including Junior Library and indoor multi-purpose courts. The Prep area at Redlands College is a dedicated space with its own playground.

Our Prep children participate in hands-on interactive activities, that to them are fun, yet within these activities they are achieving some of the following learning outcomes:


Our English program is built around the three interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy that focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating.


The Mathematics program includes the children making connections between number names, numerals and quantities; comparing objects using mass and length; connecting events and the days of the week, and answering questions to collect information.

Humanities and Social Sciences

The program focuses on children investigating their personal histories and familiar places.  It involves observing, asking and answering questions – describing, comparing, sequencing and reflecting.


The children investigate their environment and how it affects them and other living things. They also observe and reflect on the properties of objects and their movement.


The children draw and create models to express their ideas and are encouraged to reflect on their designs.

Perceptual Motor Program

This program aims to provide the children with experiences to integrate their senses, process and react to information and make perceptual judgements through sequence activities such as: running, crawling, climbing, throwing, hopping, catching, bowling, sliding, skipping, jumping and balancing. 

Prep Entry 

The main point of entry to Junior School is the Prep Year. The classes are filled in April/May of the year prior to your child’s commencement year to Prep.

When can my child start Prep? 

Your child will need to be 5 years old by 30 June in the year they start Prep. Recent changes to the Education (General Provisions) Regulations 2006 allow children with July birthdays, and children who have previously enrolled at a school in another state or country, to commence Prep early if they are considered ready by the Head of Junior School.

The main points of entry to Redlands College in 2021

Year of Birth Prep
(5 this year)
Year 4
(9 this year)
Year 7
(12 this year)
Year 10
(15 this year)
1 July 05 - 30 June 062021
1 July 06 - 30 June 072022
1 July 07 - 30 June 082023
1 July 08 - 30 June 09
1 July 9 - 30 June 1020222025
1 July 10 - 30 June 11
1 July 11- 30 June 12
1 July 12 - 30 June 13
1 July 13 - 30 June 14
1 July 14 - 30 June 15
1 July 15 - 30 June 16
1 July 16 - 30 June 17
1 July 17 - 30 June 18
1 July 18 - 30 June 19
1 July 19 - 30 June 20
1 July 20 - 30 June 212026203020332036
1 July 21 - 30 June 222027203120342037
1 July 22 - 30 June 232028203220352038

The year prior to entry, parents will be invited to attend a family interview with their child. Prep interviews are conducted by the Head of Junior School.


Class teachers are registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. One full-time Teacher Aide is also employed in each Prep class. The children also participate in Spanish, Music, Visual Arts and HPE lessons which are conducted by teachers who specialise in these areas.


School hours are 8:30am – 3:00pm. Attendance is full time.

Class Expectations
  • To create and maintain a safe learning environment, appropriate and helpful behaviours are discussed with the children
  • Our discipline policy is applied throughout the school and is based on: Respect for God, Respect for Others and Respect for Oneself
  • The Prep program at Redlands College incorporates The Australian Curriculum

Each day commences with an age appropriate devotional time. This may include Bible stories, prayer and singing.

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