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Leading our Community
Meet our Principal Dr Andrew Johnson

It’s a privilege to lead our Christian learning community at Redlands College and a joy to see the ongoing transformation of students as their academic and personal growth progresses.

Our College has an intentional focus on providing outstanding educational opportunities for students and inviting each student to consider the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This educational journey is grounded in effective partnerships with parents, formed on reciprocal trust and mutual responsibilities. We both seek and value parental engagement in the education of their child.Our team of outstanding staff is committed to engaging with the mind and heart of each student, to support their learning journey towards a flourishing life.

Curiosity is the lifeblood of this learning. Curious minds relentlessly explore, dream, question, challenge, propose and expand. Since its inception, Redlands has demonstrated a deep respect for academic scholarship and pursued academic excellence across a broad suite of disciplines.

This pursuit of learning is not solely premised on developing competency of knowledge, but rather engaging with the broader perspective of developing an appreciation of the expressiveness of literature, the logic of mathematics, the inquiring nature of science, the social awareness of humanities, the joy of music, the beauty of the arts, the energy of sport and the creativity of technologies.

However, knowledge on its own is no longer the currency of learning. Rather the capacity to analyse, interpret and apply this knowledge to constantly changing contexts is the learning currency. To ensure Redlands College students are provided with every opportunity to learn in a way which is relevant to the world in which they live, our learning experiences are designed to inspire curiosity, and the skills of creativity, collaboration and communication.

A desire to inspire curious minds, which matriculate into purposeful lives, guided the development of our current strategic plan.  This blueprint for the future of our community identifies five key areas where we are investing our energy to ensure we are an outstanding educational provider. These are:

  • P-12 School Continuity
  • Character Development
  • Academic Extension
  • Customised Learning
  • Data Informed Practice

Parents and staff alike comment that Redlands College students are well-rounded, with capabilities to flourish in a broad range of careers, a strongly developed character and a service mindset. They go on to be the difference – impacting humanity and living a purposeful life. As a Christian School, this is something our entire community is proud of.

Lastly, here at Redlands, you will see that whilst academics and co-curricular achievement are a benchmark for all, we celebrate success of every size and ensure every student has access to opportunity, guidance and love.

We truly believe everyone can learn and that learning is a lifelong process of discovering one’s uniqueness, capacity and potential. Most of all, we believe learning occurs best in community, facilitated by intentional relationships with fellow students, teachers, parents and community partners, that challenge each person to strive for excellence.

I look forward to seeing your child ‘be the difference’ at Redlands College.

Dr Andrew Johnson

DMin, MEd, BEd.

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