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Access the online Uniform Shop, Tuckshop and top up Student Cards.

Junior School can only access the tuckshop through this online platform, and food is delivered to their class before break.

Middle and Senior School students and parents can skip the queues and pre-order online from the Canteen.

Tuckshop Online Ordering Instructions

Tuckshop Cashless Top-up Instructions
Uniform Shop Ordering Instructions

Tuckshop Menu
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Learning@Redlands  (Previously Schoolbox)

Redlands College families can use this link to quickly access Learning@Redlands.  This is where you will find resources, subject & assessment information and important links. You can access the Online Parent Volunteer Course (in the Important Links on your Home Dashboard):

Login using your parent ID number (DO NOT include @redlands.qld.edu.au)

Parent Lounge

Redlands College families can use this link to quickly access Parent Lounge.

Login using your parent email address.

Technology Portal
For all information about technology at Redlands College, including requirements and great success stories.

IT Help Desk
For IT Helpdesk Articles for parents, staff and students.

The Library Website
Go to the Redlands College Library Website

To make an anonymous notification about bullying or harm go to www.stymie.com.au

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