Junior School Sport Focus

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In Junior School, students develop a love for movement through structured perceptual motor programs, diverse introductory sports programs and weekly participation in Health and Physical Education lessons.

As they progress through Junior School, students will have an increased opportunity to participate in competitive sports as part of Bayside District events and tournaments hosted by various sporting organisations. If selected for one of these school sports teams, attendance at training is compulsory and will assist students with their skill development and their successful transition into the Middle School sports program. In 2023, there will be an increased focus on sourcing additional competitive match play opportunities for Year 5 students through diverse avenues; this represents an exciting addition to the Junior School sports program.
All Junior School students are expected to participate in House Carnivals for swimming, cross country and athletics, all of which are focussed on skill development, maximising participation and having fun. High-achieving students in Year 5 at each of these carnivals will have the opportunity to progress to Bayside, Metropolitan East and Queensland carnivals as part of the school sport pathways and compete at Christian School Sport Association carnivals.

Foundation Sport (Prep to Year 3)

Focussing on the development of motor skills and teamwork in Prep and Year 1, the Perceptual Motor Program and Health and Physical Education lessons facilitate opportunities for students to develop balance and locomotor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, body and space awareness, as well as their language and social skills.
In Year 2 and Year 3, students continue to develop their fine and gross motor skills during weekly Health and Physical Education lessons and have an increased focus on developing skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, persistence and decision-making while participating in sport.
Sports that are covered during Foundation Sport include:
Term 1: Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Soccer, Sport Aerobics, Swimming (excl Prep)
Term 2: Athletics, Basketball, Gymnastics, Skipping, Tennis
Term 3: Bowling, Dance, Futsal, Netball, Volleyball (Newcomball)
Term 4: Disc Golf, Orienteering, Swimming, Touch Football, T-Ball

Development Sport (Year 4):

Year 4 students continue to build on previously developed capabilities with an increased focus on their proficiency across a range of sport-specific skills in preparation for future competitive sports opportunities. These learnings occur during Health and Physical Education lessons and timetabled sport on Friday afternoons throughout the year and culminates in a student’s introduction to Bayside District sport in Term 4 through a non-competitive daylong Gala event.
Sports that are covered during Development Sports include:
Term 1: Cross Country, Sport Aerobics, Swimming
Term 2: AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Football / Soccer, Touch Football, Volleyball
Term 3: Cricket, Futsal, Golf, Hockey, Netball
Term 4: Bayside District Gala Day (all sports above), Swimming

Competitive Sport (Year 5):

Students in Year 5 will continue to participate in Health and Physical Education lessons, timetabled sports on Friday afternoons, and two Bayside District Sports Gala Days in Term 2 and Term 3 each year. Students wishing to compete in tournaments will be invited to trial for team selection in the relevant term, with compulsory training to be provided in the lead up to these larger scale events.
Competitive sports options available to students include:
Term 1: Cross Country, Futsal, Sports Aerobics, Swimming, Tennis
Term 2: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Netball, Tennis
Term 3: Basketball, Football / Soccer, Futsal, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball
Term 4: Basketball, Tennis, Touch Football

Queensland School Sport Pathways (Year 5)

As a member of the Bayside District Sport Association, students in Year 5 at Redlands College who demonstrate exceptional ability in a particular sport are welcome to trial for selection in a Bayside District team for that sport. The Bayside District team is the first step in the Queensland School Sport representative pathway and leads to further opportunities to be selected for Metropolitan East and Queensland representative teams. There are numerous representative sports available, and their respective trial details can be found on the Learning @ Redlands platform.

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