Redlands College

Redlands College is a P-12 coeducational Christian College located at Wellington Point on Brisbane’s bayside with impressive facilities and caring Christian teachers. One of the leading private schools in the Redlands, we offer 3 separate sub-schools – Junior, Middle and Senior – all on one campus serviced by transport options.

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Sport plays a significant role in the holistic formation of students at Redlands College.

Through participation in the competitive and recreational sports offered, students will advance their sport-specific skills, enhance their individual fitness, improve their personal wellbeing and develop an increased sense of belonging. Learn more…


Redlands College Performance Music program, serving the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools at Redlands College, comprises instrumental and vocal tuition; and instrumental and choral ensembles. Learn more…


The Creative Arts program aims to provide every student and staff member the opportunity to express who they are and what they believe. The arts are about looking beyond the self, by listening, feeling, sensing and moving, but most importantly reacting – reacting to the ever-changing culture of the world around us. Learn more…


Mission trips at Redlands College are not just about overseas or regional travel and new experiences – as exciting and enjoyable as that is. Redlands College Mission trips are essentially about character and leadership development and enabling students and staff to practically ‘live out’ our mission equipping our students to make a positive impact on the world around them. Learn more…


Outdoor Education is central to the learning pedagogy at Redlands College. As a school, we believe the practice of taking students into the outdoors and away from the classroom for individual and team-building experiences creates core life skills and builds resilience, curiosity, creativity, compassion and inclusion. The opportunities include annual Camps, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Mission. Learn more…


Redlands College has a successful and extensive Vocational Education and Training (VET) program which commenced in 1997. The aim of Vocational Education and Training (VET) at Redlands College is to provide a purposeful and meaningful vocational experience which is customised for each individual student. Learn More…



Who they are, who God is, and how they connect with others.



The breadth of their gifts and talents and opportunities around them.

Senior School 10-12:


Into the purpose and potential that God has called them to.

Curious Minds

Loving Hearts

Serving hands


Impressive facilities and opportunities


Multiple Facilities






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