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We believe that all gifts and talents are God-given and should be developed in a way which is pleasing to Him.

There are many varied courses and subjects offered and the College aims to resource and to teach students in an excellent manner.

In Years 6 and 7, students are required to undertake a range of compulsory subjects, which enables students to gain grounding in essential areas as well as experiencing the range of elective subjects the College offers in later years.

In Years 8 and 9, students can select from a wide range of specialist elective subjects. This helps them explore the options in preparation for Senior School.
Paul tells us in the book of Romans that we should not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). As a College it is our desire to develop leaders who will not simply be a part of this world but will rise up to influence it in all areas of life; business, arts, politics, medicine, science. Our hope is that students will leave our College with more than just knowledge or information – but with a sense of purpose and the skills and abilities to critically think, innovate and create.

The world that our students will lead, influence and be a part of has not yet even been imagined. So we must endeavour to prepare our students not just with information, but with skills, ethics and morals. We aim to prepare them with a sense of service and a passion for life-long and life-wide learning.  We pray that they will become the change makers of the future with curious minds, loving hearts, serving hands and living purposeful lives.

By God’s design, each student has gifts and talents. The purpose of the Redlands College Middle School curriculum is to help students to explore these gifts and talents through a range of opportunities in order to explore the future ahead of them. As our students progress through Middle School, the range of opportunities increases recognising the development of their learning journey.

Prep to Year 7 provides students with a foundation across a range of learning areas with some specialist areas to begin exploring. Starting in Year 8, our curriculum is organised to provide genuine opportunities for students to identify and make informed choices about exploring learning areas that are consistent with their God-given gifts and talents.

Our learning program is structured so that students will study a range of compulsory subjects as part of the Years 8 and 9 Core Program. In the Years 8 and 9 Exploratory Elective Program, students will choose from a range of electives.  By allowing Years 8 and 9 students a degree of choice, our intention is to help them become successful and engaged learners with opportunities to develop mastery, increased autonomy and purpose in learning.

While students may not yet know what path the future holds for them, then we encourage them to take every opportunity to give their best effort in all that they do.

Teaching, focused on what’s relevant

Years 6 and 7 provide students with a broad foundation for studies in subsequent years. Students will have a ‘home teacher’ for a number of subjects, supported by an increasing range of teachers for more specialised subjects.

Year 6 subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society & Environment (Geography and History) and Bible Studies; complemented by Art, Health, Integrated Learning, Languages (Spanish and Japanese), Music, and Physical Education.

Year 7 subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and Bible Studies; currently complemented by: Art, Business, Dramatic Arts, Geography, Spanish, Health & Physical Education, History, Integrated Learning, Japanese, Media Studies, and Music.

Building on solid foundations in Years 8 and 9

In addition to studying a range of core subjects, students in Years 8 and 9 are given an opportunity to explore their gifts and talents through an elective program.

Core subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Bible Studies, Wellbeing, and Sport.

Elective subjects: Art, Business, Drama, Geography, Spanish, Graphics, Health & Physical Education, History, Food Technology, Digital Technology, Japanese, Media Studies, and Music. Elective subjects are broken into a number of units (semester or term long).

Students choose specific units from the range of subjects. This provides them with a significant opportunity to explore our diverse subject offering.

Years 8-9 Elective Information Booklet 2024
Year 9 Elective Information 2024
Camps and Excursions

Excursions occur throughout the year and provide students with practical experiences that enhance their understanding of the various study topics.  Camps provide an excellent opportunity for students to form strong personal bonds and to extend their boundaries with outdoor activities such as abseiling, canoeing etc. Camps are conducted for various year levels and are considered to be part of the curriculum – all curriculum-based camps and excursions are included in school fees.


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