Our Christian Teachers Inspiring the Difference

Parents appreciate that their child’s learning engagement, character development and self-confidence are also shaped by the teachers they have in their lives. It is for our student’s benefit that we recruit and foster within our community well-rounded, nurturing and passionate teaching staff.

What is unique about Redlands College, is that each staff member is a committed Christian. Our teachers pray daily for their students and their colleagues. They lead with love. Through their faith and service, our teachers share in their love of God and provide Christian guidance and perspective. Our shared Christianity is the underlying foundation of our school community.

Head of Junior School
Barb Farley

Mrs Barb Farley commenced teaching at Redlands College in January 1995. She taught Music, Prep and Year 1 and was Junior School Coordinator for a number of years prior to being appointed to the position of Head of Junior School.

Mrs Farley is passionate about social and emotional wellbeing and over the past six years has developed Circle Solutions throughout the Junior School, which has provided opportunities for children to develop life-long skills.

She is committed to investing in the College community, in the lives of the children, their families and colleagues.

Prior to commencing at Redlands College, Barb taught with Education Queensland for a number of years, having experience across all Primary Year levels.

The motto of Redlands College is “Christ-Centred Excellence”. The Junior School aims to provide the children with opportunities to explore their own abilities, recognise themselves as life-long learners whilst developing respect for themselves and for others.

Head of Middle School
Luke Ralph

Mr Luke Ralph joined Redlands College in 2016 as the Head of Middle School, after serving as Head of Secondary in Toowoomba for the previous six years. Prior to this, he had a number of middle management and leadership roles across pastoral, curriculum and co-curricular areas in a large metropolitan co-education College in Brisbane.

Luke has been involved with various committees in the development and progress of tertiary education and serves on the advisory board of education faculties at two universities and in various professional associations. In the same way that he is passionate about seeing young people prepared for all areas of life in the 21st century, he believes that such education does not occur simply in a classroom but when teachers and students enable meaningful relationships to form, that encourage and inspire a safe environment that fosters a culture of learning.

Head of Senior School
Michael Denner
In 2019, Mr Michael Denner joined Redlands College as a science teacher after six years as Head of Science at Cavendish Road State High School, and several years before that in Dean of Year roles. His teaching background is in Physics, Chemistry and Science.
Mr Denner was drawn to a career in education both by the opportunity to walk alongside students to help them navigate through their formative years and by the excitement of seeing young people’s joy as they learn something new or master a new concept. These continue to be what drives him in his work to this day.
Mr Denner is passionate about students seeing relevance in their learning- being able to connect the classroom with their lived experience and the world beyond the classroom walls. He places a high premium on preparing students with skills and knowledge needed for life beyond school, not only what is required for academic success.