Millennial Influencers

Millennial Influencers

“Through education, young people are prepared and shaped into the kinds of people who can enrich and benefit their neighbours and the community.” 1

At Redlands, we believe a school education should equip students with the skills and aspiration to meaningfully contribute to society. Our learning journey is designed to educate and form students on an individual level, as well as to equip them to influence their community on a social level, to be the difference in their particular sphere of influence.

Earlier this year Redlands College submitted nominations for a nation-wide call made by the Associated Christian Schools (ACS) of alumni of Christian schools who were born between 1980 – 2000 (Millennials), who have made a difference, influencing society for the common good.

A list of 23 Millennial Christian influencers has been released and among them are two Redlands College alumni:

  • Dr Josh Francis (Class of  1999), Senior Research Fellow at the Menzies School of Health Research and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at James Cook University.
  • Dr Alex Deagon (Class of 2006), Senior Lecturer in the QUT School of Law.
ASC Millennial Influencers

The future is an ever-changing landscape. Acquiring skills in problem-solving, communication, leadership and collaboration are what today’s learners must achieve to be capable and confident citizens beyond school.
Our alumni featured here and many more have developed a commitment to life-long learning through our inspiring and committed teachers. They have learnt resilience, grit and teamwork through challenging outdoor education programs and tough sporting competitions. They have discovered their creativity and curiosity in subjects that awaken their potential. They see why others less fortunate deserve their compassion and service. They also know joy and gratitude through friendships, community and a shared celebration of Jesus Christ.

Congratulations Dr Josh and Dr Alex, on this recognition of your hard work!

1. Cardus Australian Schools And The Common Good Summary Report
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