Junior, Middle and Senior Schools Cross Country Results

Junior, Middle and Senior Schools Cross Country Results

Yesterday was an awesome day at our Junior, Middle, and Senior Cross Country Carnivals! The energy was off the charts, pumped up by fierce competition and team pride. We saw some incredible races and loads of unforgettable moments. Big props to our amazing runners for their killer speed and stamina that wowed everyone. Plus, it was our first time streaming the event live—super cool to have parents cheering from all over!

For final results, log on Learning@Redlands – https://results.sportseventservices.com.au/results.aspx?CId=16287&RId=6339

Our Junior School Cross Country Carnival was a fantastic success this week! Congratulations to our inspiring podium winners, and well done to everyone who participated, your energy and spirit made it a truly unforgettable day.  Our Podium winners are:

Prep Boys : Matthew Guttormsen
Prep Girls : Greta McMurray
YR1 Boys : Toby Bayles
YR1 Girls : Amia Van Heerden
7yr Boys : Lachlan Curran
7yrs Girls : Amelia Brown
8yrs Boys : Oliver Ide
8yr Girls : Eve Schipplock
9yr Boys : Javier Villa
9yr Girls : Alessia Massimissa
10yr Boys : Kylan Ferguson
10yr Girls : Estelle Thomas

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Cross Country event earlier this week. The competition was intense, all our athletes showed exceptional determination and tenacity!! Let’s congratulate our podium winners:

11yrs Boys : Joseph Alcorn
11yrs Girls : Mieke De Villiers
12yrs Boys : Cooper Lawrence
12yrs Girls : Abigail Schipplock
13yrs Boys : Elliot Gabb
13yrs Girls : Samantha Mccauley
14yr Male : William Cohen
14yr Female : Heidi Van Zyl
15yr Male : Jed Smith
15yr Female : Teya Corbett
16yr Male : Joshua Millard
16yr Female : Shaniah Ferguson
17-19yr Male : Jacob Sands
17-19yr Female : Emma Mossop

Fastest 3km Male : Elliot Gabb
Fastest 3km Female : Abigail Schipplock
Fastest 4km Male : Jacob Sands
Fastest 4km Female : Shaniah Ferguson

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