Faith Connections Across the Pacific: A Redlands College Road Trip Adventure

Faith Connections Across the Pacific: A Redlands College Road Trip Adventure

Embarking on a journey to forge lasting connections, Dr Andrew Johnson, Principal of Redlands College, and Mr Mike Shepherd, Director of Formation & Mission, hit the road in the United States on April 22 for 2 weeks. Their mission? To strengthen relationships with educational institutions that share the Church of Christ faith heritage and to explore exciting, mutually beneficial opportunities.

Redlands College, a thriving P-12 Christian school in Brisbane, Australia, offers diverse engagement possibilities with its American counterparts. This two-week road trip adventure will see Andrew and Mike visiting universities and schools across the US, diving into the unique offerings of each institution, and discussing potential avenues of collaboration.

During this cross-continental exchange, our dynamic duo will engage in collegiate discussions with principals, boards, and senior staff, addressing strategic issues related to faith-based education. They’ll explore possibilities for hosting visits from American colleagues, opening up a world of learning and sharing between these communities. During their road trip, Mike Shepherd will also speak and teach at various stops, including Mars Hill Bible School and Pepperdine University, further strengthening the bond between Redlands College and these esteemed institutions.

But this journey isn’t just about leadership connections! Andrew and Mike are eager to create opportunities for staff exchanges and employment, offering US citizens the chance to work at Redlands College under sponsored visas. Whether for short-term exchange programs or one-to-two-year contracts, these cultural experiences can enrich both the educators and the students they serve.

University students from the US won’t be left out, either. Redlands College is keen to provide pre-service practicum experiences for those studying for education degrees, as well as short-term mission trips for those eager to make a difference in school or community contexts.

The road trip also aims to unlock new horizons for Redlands’ graduating high school students, exploring US university enrollment and sponsorship opportunities. And why stop there? Andrew and Mike will delve into student exchange programs and short-term educational trips for students on both sides of the Pacific.

Finally, the Redlands’ Vanuatu Campus is a hidden gem that they’re excited to share with fellow schools and universities. This unique residential campus is available for others to experience and explore.

Follow Andrew and Mike on their USA road trip adventure as they bridge the distance and bring together faith-based educational communities for a brighter, more connected future.






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