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CSSAQ Cross Country

CSSAQ Cross Country

This is a SHOUT OUT to our 13-Open Bayside District Cross Country team that represented the College last week.

Mackenzie Briskey, Madison Burney, Chloe Bowen and Shaniah Ferguson were the 14 yrs Bayside CC team Champions.

Brenna Singh performed remarkably and was the Girls Open Age Champion.

Toby Price ran a tough race, coming 3rd in the Boys Opens with an extraordinary pace finishing with a 20:08 min for 6kms.

Jacob Hunter placed 10th in the 16yrs Boys’ race.

Ava Rylance placed 3rd in the 16Yrs Girls’ race.

Jacob Sands placed 3rd in the 15yrs Boys’ race.

Emma Mossop placed 3rd in the 15 Girls’ race.

Joshua Barrett placed 7th in the 14 Boys’ race.

This is a SHOUT OUT to Bev Faulks who attended the Carnival to encourage her runners. Thank you for taking the time to be with our team, I believe they enjoyed every minute!

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM! We are super proud.

Photos: Brenna Singh

Group photo: Mackenzie Briskey, Madison Burney, Chloe Bowen and Shaniah Ferguson.

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