Year 10 Japanese

Year 10 Japanese

Last Friday, was an amazing day for our Year 10 Japanese students as they embarked on their first Zoom meeting with our sister school, Chiben Gakuen, in Japan!

Each student was paired with 13 Year 6 Chiben students, creating a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and language practice.

Over the course of half an hour, they confidently introduced themselves and asked questions in both Japanese and English. It was a fantastic display of language skills and enthusiasm!

At first, our students were a little nervous, but as they were bombarded with questions and cheers from their Chiben counterparts, their excitement grew. They eagerly tried out the Japanese they had learned in class, and it was a truly heartwarming experience. We had an awesome time connecting with Chiben Gakuen, and we can’t wait to continue our Zoom meetings in the near future! Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our vibrant cultural exchange.

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