Life @ Redlands

The personal development and wellbeing of each student are key areas of focus for the College.

At Redlands College, we have an unrelenting focus on quality learning in every classroom, every day. We advocate high expectations and a commitment to excellence by working intentionally with students. We seek to be a school that effectively combines tradition and experience with the excitement of innovation, creativity and collaboration. We want our students to be challenged to achieve their goals and to take advantage of the opportunities available.

As a Prep to Year 12 learning community of 1380 students, the focus on academics, creative arts, sports, outdoor education, vocational education and character development, ensures students can engage with an area of learning that they enjoy and find success in.

A Redlands College education involves an intentional focus on the three key elements of Curious Minds, Loving Hearts and Serving Hands, to ensure that students are well-equipped to live Purposeful Lives as they reflect the nature and character of Jesus Christ within whatever future vocational context they pursue.