Well Done, Jasmin Clarke!

Well Done, Jasmin Clarke!

In January Jasmin Clarke took part in an exciting new opportunity offered by QUT for high-achieving students going into Year 12 who have a passion for science- the “Start QUT STEM intensive”. The program allowed Jasmin to complete the “Engineering Design and Professional Practice” unit.

Jasmin commenced the two weeks studying architecture design and systems, which led to her group’s project- building a green drawbridge prototype connecting the two sides of the Brisbane River. Their design had to include several considerations- the bridge was to weigh less than 1.5 kg, and hold at least 0.5kg, but no more than 1.5 kg.

 A lot of physics was involved- calculating forces and performing a torque analysis to ensure that the electric motor could raise the bridge. They completed a report outlining the design elements they had explored and then were able to build and test the bridge!

 We share in Jasmin’s excitement at this wonderful opportunity to explore, learn and grow- she is thinking about studying civil engineering. Thank you to Mrs. Smith for identifying the opportunity and supporting Jasmin to apply.

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