The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

Our colouring competition has finished. We have had some talented participants, and Mrs Burgess was tasked with picking our winners.

Great colouring everyone! Herewith the results
Overall Winner  Colouring Sheet 1: Elouise Stoff and Paris Pitceathly Year 4


Winner Prep:           Rose Alleway
Special Mention:        Mia Skehan,  Samantha


Winner Year 1:        Gaby Bellas
Special Mention:        Zara Miethre


Winner Year 2:        Maddie Lawrence
Special Mention:         Zoe, Georgia Bellas, Emily Estrada Pereira


Winner Year 3:         Olivia Lowe
Special Mention:          Lewis Scott,  Luke Mannich


Winner Year 4:         Tayla Ann Gardiner
Special mention:          Sophie Hill


Winner Year 5:         Stella Du Plessis
Special Mention:          Elliot and Lincoln Gabb, Lauren Roemling, Hannah Schipplock


Overall Winner Colouring sheet 2: Gaby Bellas Year 1


Special mention/highly commended: Amelia A Year 6,  Jessica Thompson Year 7, Jemima Bobos Year 10


Well done to everyone; there is great joy and enthusiasm in the use of colour and attention to detail.  Enjoy the show!
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