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The Junior Anglers Fishing Championships

The Junior Anglers Fishing Championships
Saturday was The Junior Anglers Fishing Championships. The students were blessed with fine weather as they headed to Moreton Island (Mulgumpin). Students were able to fish either on the Southern end or 4kms away at the Northern tip.
Two of our boys won prizes in their age group.
The Junior Anglers Fishing Championships have a long history, marking their 69th anniversary this year! The College would like to thank John and Judy Lynne and Barry Pollock for their wealth of knowledge and passion for having students engage in fishing.
2nd place Jude Blythe 1 x Flathead 1.6kgs 61cm long.
3rd place Casey Brown 1 x Flathead 1.7kgs 66cm long.
If anyone is interested in joining a fishing club, Barry Pollock runs the Moreton Mixed Amateur Fishing Club. They hold regular competitions and outings. @Junior Anglers Association