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Testing VR Try a Trade Experience for CSQ

Testing VR Try a Trade Experience for CSQ

CSQ, in partnership with Next World, are producing a VR Trade Experience to take to schools in the future. On Tuesday, 16 November, selected students got to test the experience and give feedback. Thank you to Jemma Jones, Josiah Zunic and Jackson Edds from Year 11, Ryan Aristoteli, Hayden Girvan and Liana Dix from Year 10 and Mitchell Egeskov and Ryan Hodges from Year 9 for participating.

It was amazing to watch them learn to use the VR equipment and navigate the trade experience.

Jesse was first off the rank, and we could see what he could see on the big TV screen.

Mitch was quite animated in his movement.

Jemma and Jackson decided to try the experience from a seated position.

Hayden and Louis from Next World wandered, helping students and gaining some interactive feedback during the experience.

Hayden and Ryan gave some very insightful feedback.