Sport Aerobics State Championships – Club Level Aerobics 

Sport Aerobics State Championships – Club Level Aerobics 

Highlighting the wonderful success of our recent DBBC Club Aerobics Students at the FISAF Australia State Championships. Amazing work from every single DBBC athlete!
A huge congratulations to all our College students involved. We are so proud of your tenacity, commitment and sportsmanship to compete at this high level. We congratulate the medal and wild card holders below who will represent DBBC at the National Championships next week.
See the blog for a full list of winners!


🥇 Brooklyn Bellas (X Mini Individual)

🥇 Alessia Massimissa (Mini Ph 2 Individual)

🥇 Alara Ellaway (Cadet Individual)

🥇 Leani van der Linden (Junior Ph 2 Individual)

🥇Junior Pair (Amelie Dorst & Eva Montgomery)

🥇Junior Trio (Annika Farr, Lienka De Villliers & Amelia Schmidt)

🥇Junior Ph 2 Individual (Leani van der Linden)

🥇 X Mini Pair (Brooklyn Bellas & Zeina Cheneen)

🥇 Cadet Pair (Alara Ellaway & Kayla Milligan)

🥇 Mini Trio (Lilian Trow, Georgia Bellas & Karisa De Wet)

🥇 Mini National Stream Trio (Gaby Bellas, Anna Bayles & Alessia Massimissa)


🥈 Emma Beahan (Pre Mini Individual)

🥈 Annika Farr (Junior Individual)

🥈Junior Pair (Amelia Schmidt & Annika Farr)

🥈Junior Individual (Annika Farr)

🥈 Pre Mini Pair (Emma Beahan)

🥈 Mini Pair (Mieke De Villiers & Ilane’ Strydom)

🥈 Pre Mini Trio (Amelie Williams, Natsha Piyasachaboon & Liandi De Wet)

🥈 Cadet Trio (Isla-grace Johnson, Issy Cox & Mia Oates)


🥉 Liandi De Wet (Pre Mini Individual)

🥉 Lilian Trow (Mini Individual)

🥉 Amelie Dorst (Junior Individual)

🥉Junior Individual (Amelie Dorst)

🥉 Cadet Ph 2 Pair (Jess Saunders & Penny McDougall)

🥉 Cadet Ph 2 Trio (Izzy Clapper & Emma Berry)


🏅Ilane’ Strydom (Mini Individual)

🏅Karisa De Wet (Mini Individual)

🏅Mieke De Villiers (Mini Individual)

🏅Georgia Bellas (Mini Individual)

🏅Gaby Bellas (Mini Ph 2 Individual)

🏅Anna Bayles (Mini Ph 2 Individual)

🏅Isabelle Cox (Cadet Individual)

🏅Junior Pair (Chelsea Carinus & Elisha Mogg)

🏅Cadet Pair (Issy Cox & Mia Oates)

🏅Cadet Ph 2 Pair (Izzy Clapper)

🏅Pre Mini Trio (Sofia Muller & Emma Beahan)

🏅Mini Small Team (Alexandra Twomey, Emma Yeoman, Bella Stone & Lily Grace)

🏅Cadet Trio (Addison Dewar, Milena Toohey & Peyton Farr)

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