Sport Aerobics National Championships in 2023

Sport Aerobics National Championships in 2023

Exciting news! We are thrilled to share that Redlands College’s School Sport Aerobics program is thriving as we enter our 3rd year. Witnessing the sport’s growth within our school community has been absolutely incredible!

As many of you know, I’m incredibly passionate about using this sport as a platform to teach important values such as consistency, connection, and community. Through School Sport Aerobics, we aim to instil authentic sportsmanship, humility, kindness, and discipline in our girls.

Last weekend, the FISAF Queensland Schools State Championships brought together over 1700 athletes from 38 Primary & Secondary Schools. And guess what? Our girls achieved phenomenal results throughout the weekend!  They’ve earned well-deserved spots in the upcoming National Championships on the stunning Gold Coast in September. Let’s come together and celebrate their remarkable successes!

Here’s a glimpse of our outstanding achievements at the State Championships:

  • 4th Place (Wild Card) – Year 2&3 Advanced Team: Girl Power
  • 3rd Place – Year 4 Team: Bloom
  • 2nd Place – Year 4 Team: Sapphires
  • 2nd Place – Year 6 Team: J’Lo’s Crew
  • 1st Place (State Champions) – Year 6 Team: Super 6!
  • 3rd Place – Year 6 Team: Dream
  • 1st Place (State Champions) – Year 7 Team: Destiny
  • 3rd Place – Year 8 Team: Radiance
  • 4th Place (Wild Card) – Year 8&9 Team: Pump it!
  • 4th Place (Wild Card) – Year 8&9 Trio Team: Obsession

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported our school program. Your encouragement means the world to us!  Stay tuned for updates on our journey to the National Championships. Let’s continue to cheer on our remarkable athletes! Go, team!

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