Sport Aerobics Community News

Sport Aerobics Community News

Some happy snaps from our recent community morning with our sport aerobics athletes. Such a special opportunity to come together, share performances, play games and continue building unique connections within our College community.
We also celebrated the success of our aerobics athletes at the I1 Challenge earlier in May.

DBBC Sport Aerobics Club Athletes 

4th Place Isabelle Clapper Ph 2 Cadet Individual

2nd Place Lillian Trow Mini Individual

4th Place Ilané Strydom Mini Individual

1st Place Alara Ellaway Cadet Individual

3rd Place Addison Dewar Cadet Individual

1st Place Brooklyn Bellas X Mini  Individual

1st Place Emma Beahan Pre Mini Individual

2nd Place Liandi De Wet Pre Mini Individual

4th Place Amelie Williams Pre Mini Individual

2nd Place Alara Ellaway & Kayla Milligan Cadet Pair

3rd Place Isabelle Cox & Mia Oates Cadet Pair

4th Place Maddie Cartella & Peyton Farr

3rd Place Karisa De Wet Mini Individual

4th Place Mieke De Villiers Mini Individual

1st Place Brooklyn Bellas & Zeina Cheneen X Mini Pair

2nd Place “Light it Up!” (Amelie Williams, Natsha Piyasachaboon, Liandi De Wet) Pre Mini Small Team

4th Place “Firework” (Sofia Muller, Ada Johnstone & Emma Beahan) Pre Mini Small Team

2nd Place Mieke De Villiers & Ilané Strydom Mini Pair

3rd Place Emma Behan & Ada Johnstone Pre Mini Pair

2nd Place “Golden Girls” (Amelia Schmidt, Annika Farr & Lienka De Villiers) Junior Small Team

1st Place Amelie Dorst & Eva Montgomery Junior Pair

4th Place Annika Farr & Amelia Schmidt Junior Pair

3rd Place Amelie Dorst Junior Individual

4th Place Annika Farr Junior Individual

3rd Place Isla-Grace Johnson Cadet Individual

4th Place Isabelle Cox Cadet Individual

1st Place “Sherbet” (Isla-Grace Johnson, Mia Oates & Isabelle Cox) Cadet Small Team

2nd Place Penny McDougall & Jessica Saunders Ph 2 Cadet Pair

4th Place Isabelle Clapper & Emma Berry Ph 2 Cadet Pair

1st Place Alessia Massimissa Ph 2 Mini Individual


Redlands College School Teams 

1st Place “Sapphires” Yr 4 Ph 2 Team

3rd Place “Girl Power” Yr 3 Ph 2 Team

3rd Place “Bloom” Yr 4 Team

3rd Place “Sunrise” Yr 1 Team

2nd Place “J’Lo’s Crew” Yr 6 Team

1st Place “Super 6” Yr 6 Team

2nd Place “Dream” Yr 6 Ph 2 Team

2nd Place “Obsession” Secondary Small Team

3rd Place “Triple Threat” Secondary Small Team

2nd Place “Destiny” Yr 7 Team

2nd Place “Pump It” Secondary Ph 2 Team

1st Place “Radiance” Secondary Team


Judges Choice Awards

Holly Hanscomb (Yr 8)

Gabriella Bellas (Yr 3)

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