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Shelf Indulgence Book Clubs

These are book clubs for real people with real lives!
Read whatever you like.
Share about what you have been reading – fiction, non-fiction, bios, magazines, graphic novels – anything!
Give your honest opinions.
Savour and gather a wide variety of recommendations.
Come and enjoy time together whether you have finished your book or not.
Parents, Staff and Alumni all welcome.
Weeks 4 & 8 each term
Monday, 2 – 3 pm – Library (Why not have a coffee at Revive Cafe beforehand?)
Thursday, 7 pm – until we’re done (around 8.30) – Tanja’s Cafe, Main Road, Wellington Point
Register your interest using a form.
Don’t fear you will be committed for life, we just need to have an idea of numbers to organise accordingly. Come and join us and decide if you wish to become a regular.
Questions? Contact Jane Peachey
We don’t need any reason or excuse to read but if you feel the slightest guilt for going out and having a fabulous time with intelligent company just remember you are doing this to be a wonderful example. As research shows:
….not only do parents who enjoy reading have children who read better but that children read better precisely because their parents are enthusiastic readers.
The intergenerational effect of parental enthusiasm for reading | Emerald Insight
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We’re looking forward to the company of fellow reading bibliophiles.