Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup

Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup

Exciting news! Students from Middle and Senior School recently participated in the first Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup program at Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast.

Over the course of three days, students competed in four rounds including writing challenges, multiple-choice, debating, and group quizzes. We want to congratulate all the participants for their hard work and efforts as they received over 40 gold and silver medals between them!

We’re also thrilled to announce that all teams have now qualified to compete in the Global Round. The World Scholar’s Cup is an incredible opportunity for students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills while inspiring a global community of future scholars and leaders.

If you’re interested in participating, opportunities exist for students to join a team of three and compete in the next Regional Round held at the end of June. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!






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