Responsible Thinking Process

Redlands College has been operating Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) as a part of our behaviour management program since 2002. RTP is an application of recent psychology called Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), which argues that individuals do not behave to control actions rather they behave to control perceptions. According to PCT, people act only when they are experiencing conflicts with their goals.

RTP recognises that when individuals behave they are creating certain effects in the environment. It is these effects or experiences that are the focus of RTP programs. Many of the problems we face at school with students derive simply from the fact that they have not learnt to control their experiences within parameters of school environments. When students disrupt at Redlands they are asked a series of questions to guide them back to the learning. If they choose to continue to disrupt they are referred to Responsible Thinking Classroom (RTC).

The RTC is a supportive environment to help students learn how to control their experiences in socially responsible ways and is operated by a qualified RTP teacher.