Junior School curriculum

In Prep to Year 2 the focus is on language and literacy skills and mathematics. Other curriculum areas are integrated in units to create a meaningful learning environment.

In Years 3 to 5, units of work may take a language focus or be developed around a Science or Humanities and Social Science concept or topic.

ICT is integrated through the use of interactive whiteboards and iPads in Junior School classrooms.

Purposeful, relevant and age-appropriate contexts for learning
  • English develops speaking with story-telling, discussions, role-play; writing and reading through narratives, reports, procedures, argument, explanations; and viewing. Sounds Write is used across Junior School as an integrated phonics, reading and spelling program.
  • IT is designed for all students in Prep to Year 5 with all students using iPads as tools for learning.
  • A wide reading program for individuals and small groups, including class and small group novel studies.
  • Science and technology involve hands-on and inquiry-based teaching methods, designed to foster an appreciation of God’s creation and an awareness of human endeavours.
  • Mathematics focuses on relevant, everyday problems and the application of learning strategies, including number facts and tables.
  • Lessons with specialist teachers for library, music, visual arts and physical education.
  • Humanities and Social Science is designed to develop responsible and caring citizens. Through questioning, thinking critically, solving problems and making decisions, students also deepen their wonder and curiosity about the world.
Camps and Excursions

Students in Years 4 & 5 attend camps to gain valuable academic and social experiences in a conducive environment. Students in all year levels attend a variety of excursions. These compulsory camps and excursions are included in our fees. 


Sport and physical education play an important part in children’s development.  Children enjoy 2 lessons of physical education with a specialist teacher each week, including an intensive swimming program.  Body awareness and coordination skills are promoted with regular activities and exercise, in conjunction with the dance program.