Representative Pathways

Sporting Pathways Explained

Redlands College is a part of the Bayside District Sports association, which is a member of Metropolitan East School Sport. The Bayside District runs sporting trials for students enrolled in its member schools in order to select a ‘Bayside District Team’ which then goes on to compete in Regional (Metropolitan East) competitions. At the Metropolitan East competitions, selectors choose the best students from all of the participating district teams in order to form a ‘Met East Team’ which then goes on to compete against other regional teams in a state-level competition. Some sports provide students with the opportunity to participate in national competitions as a result of their involvement in state competitions. Major Carnivals and a number of team sports follow this sporting pathway.

Some smaller sports do not have district trials and therefore the pathway commences at the regional level trial.

The purpose of trials

To identify and support exceptional athletes in their chosen sport(s).

Skill level required at District Trials:

As district trials exist to select one team made up from the best quality athletes from all member schools within our district, participating students should have a representative playing history, and a current club membership in their chosen sport.

Restrictions for Member Schools within the Bayside District

The Bayside District has seen the need to emphasise the importance of schools screening the athletes they send to trials, to avoid inundating trial convenors with students that do not perform at a level required in order to be selected for a district team. Redlands College will generally be restricted to sending a maximum of 3-4 students to any given trial.

Screening of Athletes

Expressions of interest (EOIs) to represent Redlands College at a District trial must be submitted/uploaded, according to the instructions found on this Portal. EOIs will be compared based on coach’s observations during sporting competitions, PE classes and details provided in your application. Unsuccessful students are encouraged to keep applying for sports that they are interested in, and to join interschool sports teams. We encourage students to enjoy physical activity and have fun playing sport and develop their skills through engaging with the many positive sporting experiences offered to all students at the College.

Please visit the Representative Trial Sports page on Learning@Redlands for further information and the opportunity to express interest in attending a Bayside District Trial.