Carnivals at Redlands

Our annual Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals are a wonderful opportunity for our students and house captains to build team spirit, connections and enjoy friendly competition.
The Swimming Carnival

Each year our students compete for house pride at the 25m pools at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre. Wearing their house colours and with war cries echoed through the hall, records are broken as students cheer for their champions.

The Cross Country

The Cross Country: an event that takes stamina, motivation and spirit. Students pushing themselves to finishing the race for their team and enjoy a refreshing snow cone. After the race houses compete in Tug of War to test the strength of their rivals.

The Athletics Carnival

The last carnival for the year, the AthleticsCarnival, turns our students focus to a day of throwing, jumping and sprinting. The carnival is held on our own Redlands College Senior Oval, which provides the best atmosphere for house spirit. The day consists of shot put, discus, javelin, high-jump and long-jump.