Achieving balance through Sport

Sport fulfils an integral role in College life. It enables our students to reach their full potential while improving vital cognitive skills such as enhanced concentration to support and drive better academic performance. For us, sport contributes to the holistic development of students. All students experience timetabled sport one afternoon a week until the end of Year 9, after which they can choose it among other Access program options.

At Redlands, we capitalise on many sporting pathways and competitions. Our local area provides us with a number of opportunities to engage in sport and to build a strong club and sporting body affiliate partnerships. We believe this model is the best approach to build and grow our community.

Of particular interest to parents: whilst we promote and encourage a wide variety of sports at Redlands College, we do not facilitate Saturday sport for our students. This is because we allow weekends for family and community time, and also understand that many students prefer to play a team sport in other competitions that are undertaken on weekends.

For those students who wish to participate in representative level sporting teams, we offer before and after school training, which culminates in high-level tournaments. Talented sporting students can also achieve individual representation in district, regional, state and national teams following selection trials.

Redlands College has five Tier 1 Sports. These are our Elite Representative platforms. We are passionate about these opportunities and continue to propel our athletes to perform at this level.

Our Tier 1 Sports are Volleyball, Netball, Soccer, Basketball and Tennis.

We play a further 25 sports in different formats and different divisions.

Sports Academies and Excellence Programs.

We offer a Sports Excellence class, a Volleyball Extension and a Netball Extension class in Year 8 and 9.  These classes develop our athletes’ fitness components to ensure they maximise their focal sports. Senior students can opt in to participate in one of four Sporting Academies at the School – Netball, Volleyball, Football and Tennis. These Academies incorporate strength and conditioning training, sport-specific skill development, and strategic play along with the foundational platform of nutrition. They also benefit from a wide scope of professionals as they engage in conferencing with Sports Psychologists, Nutritionists and expert Coaches.


With our own 25 metre heated indoor pool, swimming and lifesaving is a core part of the PE curriculum for two terms of the year, as well as being used for cross-training across multiple sports.


Students are allocated to one of four houses at their point of enrolment and continue through their remaining College years. Siblings are allocated to the same house.


The houses are named after the first Europeans to enter the Redlands District. They were timber cutters and demonstrated true pioneering qualities as they entered an unknown district without the support of civilised infrastructure. We can aspire to these qualities of resourcefulness, courage, perseverance and enterprise.

Previous years has seen Sport playing a big part of the College yearly calendar, including the sport carnivals, interschool sport and most importantly the House competitions during break times. However, with the Covid-19 season we have found ourselves in, the majority of 2020 has really made the sporting platform a limited one.

Although Covid-19 has disrupted the sporting community we need to continue to be making the most out of what we have to come. Some ideas of ways to stay active can be going for a walk to your local park or to a waterfront with a group of friends. If some people are feeling adventurous we live in the perfect area for a bushwalk or hike in the many mountains and national parks on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, my favourite would be Springbrook National Park.

Many of us have taken every opportunity to be involved in interschool sport and Access Sports which is only available to the Seniors at Redlands College. The interaction and eagerness have been great to see. I felt the anticipation build in the most recent tournament, the Senior Schools Cup Volleyball where we saw a large number of students putting in the effort for training and competing ensuring we came home with many wins.

The Matt Stanley match had another amazing outcome this year with more students than I have seen getting amongst the rivalry between year 11s and 12s. Keep putting in the effort for Term 4 and take every opportunity there is possible and look forward to the things to come.


Jess Gilbert
Sports Captain
Year 12, 2020

In addition, the College has a well-loved mascot – Muddy the giant mud crab. Muddy makes appearances to support students at home and when Redlands College student teams are away.

Our aim is to create better people first and foremost. Our coaches mentor and nurture our athletes to develop their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive capabilities. Better athletes create better people.

More information is available in our Sport Handbook.

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