Mission Sabbatical – Vanuatu

Mission Sabbatical – Vanuatu

For millennia the islanders of Vanuatu have used boats for transportation. To this day this remains a critical, and in many cases, the only means of supplying goods and people between islands. The 83 islands that make up this island nation are exquisite in their beauty and culture but due to their geography pose significant difficulties and costs in meeting transportation needs. As remote communities, these islanders are vulnerable to a wide range of environmental and health-related threats.

Supported Redlands College generous Mission Sabbatical program Peter, Miriam and Clara Handsworth aim to provide a means of transport in the form of the sailing vessel Tehani-li to visit and supply remote islands for the purposes of advancing health, education, and social welfare. Much of our work will consist of meeting medical volunteers at pre-arranged locations to transport them, their gear, supplies and equipment to remote islands, where clinics are conducted in village settings. The Handsworth’s will also assist in delivering to the established dental health program Gudfala Tut Skul to schools on the island of Ambae.

Please contact Peter at phandsworth@redlands.qld.edu.au for further information or if you would like to help in their endeavour, even perhaps join them for a voyage!

Mission Sabbatical – Vanuatu (Tooth-Buddies Pilot Program)

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