Lost Property and Uniform Identification

Lost Property and Uniform Identification

As we prepare for the school holidays, we kindly remind you about lost property and uniform identification.

Lost Property:
Our lost property stations are currently filled with various items left behind by students. We encourage all students to visit one of our designated stations before 16 June to check if any of their missing belongings are there. Parents are also welcome to visit the stations before or after school if they wish to assist their children in locating lost items. The stations can be found at the following locations:

  • Student Reception
  • Public Reception
  • Sports Centre (items from here are moved to Student Reception every Friday)

Uniform Check:
During the school holidays, we kindly ask you to take a moment to double-check your child’s uniforms. It’s important to check they have not mistakenly taken someone else’s belongings home. We recommend relabeling all items, as names often fade or may still bear the previous owners’ names if purchased secondhand.

Thank you for your support in maintaining a well-organised school environment.

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