Grow potential in Senior School

Senior School (Years 10 to 12) at Redlands College provides an extensive array of subjects while balancing rigorous foundation learning with opportunities for each individual to explore and develop their unique gifts and talents.

As a College we recognise that each student is on a unique learning pathway. We offer an excellent academic education while also providing outstanding vocational training opportunities. Year 10 is a preparatory year before students choose a more specific pathway in year 11 and 12. Students can focus on gaining tertiary entry through an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR), devote themselves entirely to Vocational Education and Training (VET) or pick a combination of both. Our dedicated Pathway Advisor meets with our students and families to support students in identifying their most suitable learning pathway:

Uni Ready Pathway: Achieve an ATAR for entry into tertiary education.

Work Ready Pathway: Vocational Education and Training (VET) preparing students to enter the workforce, with a focus on certificates offered onsite, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs) and TAFE.

Customised Pathways: Include custom-made pathways to support students such as those pursuing creative arts, high-level sport or for whom the Uni and Work Ready Pathways are otherwise unsuitable.


The College offers a large suite of QCAA General Subjects, as well as Essential English and Essential Mathematics. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) we also offer a range of certificate courses delivered onsite by College staff as part of our regular timetable. These certificate courses are primarily designed for students in the Work Ready Pathway, but are accessible to others where class sizes allow it.

Students can also undertake our ACCESS program to commence engagement in University, TAFE, sporting options (including the Independent Schools Championship, ISC), Extension programs or Certificate courses.

Learning is not just in the classroom, with Senior students undertaking a variety of different activities and opportunities for service throughout 10-12. The Year 11 Leadership camp provides an excellent opportunity for students to form strong personal bonds and to explore the notion of servant leadership. (All curriculum-based camps and excursions are included in school fees.)

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