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Book Week Parade: Wednesday 31st August

August 31, 2022 @ 8:45 am - 9:30 am
Redland College 38 Anson Road Wellington Point, QLD 4160 Australia

The character parade will be held in week 7 on the morning of WEDNESDAY 31st August, commencing at 8:45 am.  Students from Junior, Middle, and Senior schools may wear their costumes to school. Please ensure your child has dressed appropriately (meeting College expectations of dressing modestly and wearing shoes) and doesn’t bring any valuables to school.  Students may stay in their costumes after the parade if they are comfortable or they can choose to change into their school uniform.

Children are encouraged to dress up as a character from a book that they love and are familiar with, either fiction or non-fiction.  They need to bring the book from home, the college library, or a local library so they can share it with another child to explain why they find it interesting.  The goal is to inspire each other to read. (Please make sure your child has their book ready several days beforehand.  We would hate to see any child disappointed because they left it to the last minute to search for a copy of the book they want).  This will be a great opportunity to have a discussion with your child! Find out what they love to read and why, or, guide them to explore new authors and genres. The focus here is to understand the book, the character and encourage each other to read. The best costumes are usually the ones created by the child from things at home.  Have fun being creative.  Don’t feel pressured to make a “flash” costume! Pinterest or Google images can be sources of inspiration.  Please ensure your child is comfortable in their costume.

Junior School will line up with their teachers in the undercover area, and walk the route marked on the map below. Middle and Senior students and teachers will line a section of the pathway and clap and encourage the Junior students as they walkthrough.  For the first time this year, Middle and Senior School students will be dressing up in support of our younger students and to embrace the inspiration of Book Week.  Parents will only be permitted to view the character parade in front of K block, and the library (highlighted in yellow on the map), forming a guard of honour for the Junior students to slowly walk through.

Following this, Junior School students will meet with other students in their year level to talk about their book and costume.  Each child has the opportunity to explain who their character is, what story they are from, what aspects of the book they found most interesting, and how they made their own costume.