Blair Dodson – RQYS Yacht Mayfair

Blair Dodson – RQYS Yacht Mayfair

Blair Dodson, Year 12 sailing sensation, has conquered the Sydney to Southport Yacht Race with the remarkable yacht Mayfair! The team’s hard work paid off as they crossed the finish line in triumph at 5:13 am Tuesday morning, leaving an impressive mark on the racing world.

Mayfair’s outstanding performance in the Sydney to Southport Yacht Race speaks for itself:

  • IRC 7th (Handicap)
  • Line honours 17th
  • Corinthian IRC 7th (Non-professional crew)

Such an incredible achievement for Blair and the entire Mayfair crew!  But hold onto your hats because the excitement doesn’t stop here!  Blair is gearing up to set sail once more on Mayfair this Friday in the epic Brisbane to Hamilton Island Yacht Race. This young sailor’s passion and dedication are truly awe-inspiring!

Let’s rally behind Blair and wish him the best of luck as he takes on this major challenge at such a young age. Go, Blair, go! We can’t wait to witness your continued success on the open waters!

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