2022 Science at Redlands: Photo Competition!

Science is a process of discovery students take part in during their studies in Junior, Middle and Senior School at Redlands College. Science provides a privileged opportunity to discover the intricacies and marvels of God’s creation, a few of which students have captured “on film” in our annual photo competition over the last six years. In Year 10, the Sciences diverge, and students have the opportunity to study Physical Science and Natural Science. In Years 11 and 12, students can specialise further in their study of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Marine Science. For more information about Science@Redlands College, please contact the Dean of Science at mail@redlands.qld.edu.au.

You are invited to vote for our People’s Choice Award

For each Junior, Middle and Senior School, you will decide which images submitted to our annual competition will win!

How to vote

Click on an image below to scroll and take a closer look, then select the star to give your vote for the People’s Choice Award.

Choose carefully, as you can only vote once for each Sub School!