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Beach Schools Cup – Years 7-10

Beach Schools Cup – Years 7-10
On Sunday, 12 and Monday, 13 March, seven teams represented the College at Coolangatta in the Volleyball Qld Beach Schools Cup tournament. It was a terrific two days battling the usual wind, stormy weather, and humidity.
Ruby Pascoe and Ella Bardon, our Year 9 Girls, played exceptionally well on Sunday, winning every game only to play in the quarter-finals Monday and be knocked out of medal contention.
Year 10 Boys; Zac Walker, Jacob Sands, Jeremy Dropmann, Cody Hayes and Sean Wu won Bronze.


Year 8 Boys; Milan Shamoon, Jed Smith, Josh Hancock, Levi Clapper and Jordan Ferguson won Silver.
A huge congratulations to all of our teams from Years 7-10.