2022 School Photos

2022 School Photos

Class photos will be taken on the following dates:

Wednesday 9 March: Years P – 6
Thursday 10 March: Years 10 – 12
Friday 11 March: Years 7 – 9
Download the full schedule.

ORDERING: Just Photography provides a POST PAID, online ordering system. You do not need to pre-order photos. Please see below for pre-registration details for sibling photos.

PRE-REGISTER: Please look out for the pre-registration flyer which will come home with students early next week. Flyers are personalised with the student’s photo code. Please log onto Just Photography’s website and pre-register to be notified when the webshop is open. Students do not need to bring this flyer on photo day.

ON PHOTO DAY: Every student will be photographed with their class/cohort. Students will bring home a further flyer with their photo code. If you have not already registered, please do so as per the instructions on the flyer.

WEBSHOP: The webshop will open approximately 2 weeks after photo day. Parents can preview individual portraits before purchasing. We strongly recommend that you view the video on how to order photos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIjY71QyOxs

DELIVERY: Photos will be delivered to the school within 8 weeks.

SIBLING PHOTOS: Please pre-register for sibling photos online using the student photo code/s. Sibling photos will be taken in M block between 7:45 and 8:15am.

If your ELDEST child is in Prep to Year 7, we will take their photo on Thursday 10 March.
If your ELDEST child is in Year 8 – 12, we will photograph on Friday 11 March.
Please note – if this doesn’t suit, then you can send your children in on the other day.
ABSENT STUDENTS: The photographers will be back at the College at a later date to photograph students that were absent on photo day.

QUESTIONS: To obtain student photo codes or to ask any questions, please contact the staff at Just Photography, they will be happy to assist you.

Email: info@justphotography.com.au
Phone: 0412 732 797
Address: PO Box 139 Grange QLD 4051
Website: www.justphotography.com.au

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